Nursing Home Negligence

Receive the Compensation You Need with Our Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois and Surrounding Subur

When you or a loved one chooses to move into a nursing home, you expect to be treated with dignity and respect and to receive the professional care required to live happily and comfortable. Nursing homes ought to help those who need assistance, and nursing home staff should provide timely and appropriate care to their residents.

The numbers of nursing homes and nursing home residents continue to rise, but so are the instances of nursing home neglect and abuse. Nursing home residents and family members who suspect neglect or abuse must act quickly to stop any further wrongdoing.

Signs of neglect and abuse often result in bedsores, bone fractures from slips and falls, injuries caused by unreasonable restraints, malnutrition, sepsis, medication errors, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and financial exploitation.

If you do not act, the situation will likely get worse. The attorneys at Karchmar and Stone can help you look for signs of abuse and neglect, and can help you look for any needed medical attention as well as search for a safer nursing home. We will also fight for compensation on your behalf for your medical expenses, suffering, and other damages.

The law is on the side of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.

The Nursing Home Care Act of Illinois provides important rights to help protect you from negligent and abusive care. Due to the horrific nature of nursing home neglect and the affects it has on residents and their families, the law permits special protections not available to victims of other forms of mistreatment.