Here are Just a Few of the Many Successful Settlements from our Chicago, Illinois and Surrounding Suburbs Office

Larry Karchmar

A few of the thousands of cases Mr. Karchmar has successfully handled for his clients are:

  • A 55 year-old male factory manager underwent femoral bypass grafting surgery and subsequently died from an overdose of a drug given to prevent clotting. Mr. Karchmar obtained $2,500,000 on behalf of the family
  • A 32 year-old male entered Cook County Hospital with an L1 burst fracture of the spine after a work related injury. The doctors failed to appreciate the significance of the injury and as a result failed to perform surgery. The client became partially incontinent. Mr. Karchmar obtained $850,000 on behalf of the client.

Gary P. Stone

Among Mr. Stone’s numerous successes:

  • Mr. Stone obtained $15,000,000.00 for the family of a woman who died after excessive radiation was administered during a radio-surgical procedure. The result is among the largest wrongful death settlements in Illinois history.
  • He recovered significant compensation for the family of 78 year-old woman who died after a Chicago area hospital failed to evaluate her condition upon arrival in the emergency room.
  • In 2014, Mr. Stone obtained $1,000,000.00 for the family of a 70 year-old man who died after being administered excessive radiation during a surgical procedure.
  • Mr. Stone obtained a $322,000.00 jury verdict against the City of Chicago on behalf of a woman who was injured when her car was struck by a police car while on an emergency call.
  • A $250,000.00 settlement was reached by Mr. Stone on behalf of a young girl who was injured when she was bit by a dog.

Adam Karchmar

Among Adam’s recent successes include the following:

  • A 16 year-old male was struck and killed by a train after falling asleep on the train tracks. Mr. Karchmar was able to recover $500,000.00 on behalf of the family.
  • A 9 year-old girl was bitten on the face by a pit-bull leaving a 3 inch scar on her cheek.  Mr. Karchmar persuaded the judge to award $350,000.00 to the girl.
  • A 54 year-old male had has middle finger smashed in an car accident.  Mr. Karchmar was able to recover $170,000.00 on behalf his client.
  • A 52 year-old man had a portion of his thumb amputated while at work in a factory. Mr. Karchmar was able to resolve this case on behalf of his client.
  • A 48 year-old female fell at her daughter’s school due to a defect on school property. She suffered serious foot and leg injuries and Mr. Karchmar resolved this matter for a substantial sum of money.